Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Saying goodbye

Today we transported the car on a trailer to its new location.
So for me this is like saying goodbye to a car which I grow to love.

I sure hope to see it again.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ready for the next

Today together with my colleagues we finished the car.
The last part that has been repaired is polished.
 Its looking good.
So now the car is ready for the next stage.
We will have to move the car to a garage where they are able to do the last things before inspection.
Setting up the front suspension geometry.
Checking the brakes for air trapped in the lines.
Aligning the head lights.
checking the oil levels of the transmission and do an engine tune-up.
So for now I'm signing off.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Turn signals.

Today I went to the Mustang Garage to get a new flasher relay.
Once I got home again I installed it instead of the one in place and now the turn signals are working. So the instrument cluster could be bolted back in place.
 Next I installed the carpets on the floor. The ones with the pony on.

 I gathered all the last materials and put them in the trunk.
 I then made a picture from above. And its a mighty fine car.
Tomorrow we will have to do some final polishing and its ready to go to its next station.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The last parts.

Today I started with the removal of the paper and masking tape. And the racing stripes are looking good.
 Then I went for the search of the wires that connect to the reserve light switch. And finally I found them.
I made them longer with some wires at hand and warped them in tape.
 In order to be able to connect the wire tor the switch I had to jack-up the care ones more. Then I was able to make the connection.
While the car was jacked up and me laying under it, I tightened up the handbrake cable and the clutch cable.
 The driver side door is not closing like it should. The gap is to big and the locking pin can not move any more to the inside. So I made a change to the catcher. On my mill I elongated the 2 mounting holes. Now I'm able to mount it more inside and the gap is less then before.
 Next I made a mold for the Mustang letter. And then installed the letters on the car.
 The reverse lights are now working. The hazard light are flashing. The brake lights were not working properly. One side did not burn. After some searching I found that the connector to the light was broken. One wire was broken off. Some soldering and now they work.
Only the flasher lights are not working and I suspect that the flasher relay is broken.
 I also installed the windshield wipers and cleaned the windows.
There are numerous other things I did but have forgotten to mention.
In other words the car is almost finished.
All that rests is making the turn signals work, installing the instrument cluster.
And the repaired paint job needs some polishing.
If all goes well .....

Friday, February 24, 2017

Racing stripes.

Today I first removed the paper around the area that was painted yesterday.
Then I started with the layout of the racing stripes that were on the original car.
I starting with putting some fine edge masking tape around the outlines.
 When the outlines were right I taped the whole car with paper to keep the overspray to a minimum.
 Next the space between the making tape was sanded with a fine gray scotch pad. Then everything was wiped down with a silicone remover and the parts are tack raged. And then the paint was applied with a small  paint gun with a fine needle. This was done to keep the paint layer thin and prevent to thick edges.
While the paint was drying I started with the preparation of the letters Mustang.
They first were cleaned with aceton.
 Then a special double sided tape designed for body work, was taped to the backside of the letters.
 And then a tedious work of cutting out the edge of the letters could start. With the use of a razor sharp x-acto knife and a scalpel.
  After a while this is the result. These letters are ready to glue back to the car.
But first I will have to make a mold.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Checking the electrics.

Today I started with checking the electrics.
After testing everything I have a few bugs.
The front fog lights were not working but that got sorted out by changing wires. I took the wrong ones.
The Turn signals are not working and the left brake light is not working.
I also noticed that the windshield wiper mechanism is hitting something. and I already found out what seems to be the problem.
The revers lights are not working and that has to do with  wires not connected to the transmission switch.
So I started looking under the dashboard for some wires but  at a given moment had to stop.
My colleagues are at the point to tape of the car for a spot repair.
That spot repair was necessary because while removing paper from the freshly painted car I pulled some paint with it.
 On the picture above you can see the spot that is been repaired.
And now it is painted .
It now has tor dry until tomorrow before I can continue.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Today my Co-workers continued with perfecting the car.
And they do a fine job.
In the meantime  I did some work to.
I started with the trunk. I connected the leads from the shock absorbers to the air valve. They can be pumped up with some air pressure. I need to figure out how much it needs to be. 25-200 psi? Bar or something else.
Near the taillights there were also some connectors that were loose. Mainly ground leads.
 I made a connection with the taillights the reverse lights and the chassis.
Then I left the trunk and made some brackets for the the rear reflectors. They are mandatory in Belgium to pass Technical inspection.
They are cut from a piece of alu plate and the reflector is glued to it with some double sided tape.
 The brackets are mounted to the bolts that stick out from the bumper mount.
I think they are rather nice. And they can easily be removed if necessary.